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Attention: Due to the current high volume of requests, ITS strongly recommends the use of RSA software tokens at this time. In the event the RSA Team needs to get in touch with you, please leave the best contact number in the “Reason for Token Request” field when submitting your token request.

Please review our instructional video on how to request and set up your RSA token by navigating to: More general information on working remotely is also available here:

Advantages to RSA software tokens:

  • There is a short turnaround time for electronic delivery. Software tokens are usually approved and ready to be used within 24 hours after submitting the request.
  • Requesters can monitor status of token approval and activate their token by logging into (no need for email access).

If you are unable to request an RSA software token, and must request an RSA hardware token:

  • Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.
  • Please ensure you can pick up the token from the location that you specify in the request; no additional tokens will be issued. If your office is closed, please be sure to change your shipping address to a new address where your token can be shipped to.
  • Once a hardware token is approved, you will receive an email that will be required to activate your token. Please be aware that you will need access to this email to activate your token. This email activation is required for hardware tokens only.

Please contact with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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